Friday, March 10, 2017

A Revolution in Israeli Politics

By Shmuel Sackett

I have been “missing from action” from my usual writing these last few weeks because I was working 20 hours a day on producing an event in Israel that has never happened before. While every political party has meetings and conferences, nobody in Israel’s history ever had a real political convention, opened to the entire country (and not just members of the party). All that changed last week.

I am proud to state that after months of hard work, the new and exciting Zehut party – of which I am one of the founders – hosted a convention last week that looked like the Republican National Convention. Round stage, major artists performing, video screens all around the room and a packed house of 1,500 people. In addition to those actually present at the event, a whopping 250,000 watched it on Facebook and live on Arutz-7 in Hebrew and English. Simply put, it was an event Israelis had never seen before. Since that day, the media has been interviewing our chairman, Moshe Feiglin, and the country has started paying attention to our positive message.

The new Zehut party has an international department and I stand as the chairman of what is simply called, Zehut International. Here are excerpts of the speech I gave at this historic convention:

“I gave an interview this week to Arutz-7 and I told them, that they HAD to come to this convention. I promised that they would see 2 things – BOTH of which had never been before in Israel’s history. First – they would witness – as you are witnessing right now, the most professional, exciting and energetic political convention EVER in Israel’s history! This is not about hoping to pass the minimum threshold – this is about LEADERSHIP of Medinat Yisrael and it’s going to come from people right here in this room!!!

But there was a second reason why I wanted them to come. I told them that they would see something RARE and UNIQUE… smiling faces, happiness, optimism, positive attitude and most of all – SOLUTIONS and not PROBLEMS. Nobody is crying here, nobody is protesting. We are building new leadership… we are pumping energy into a depressed society… we are giving HOPE to our youth – a FUTURE to young couples - and RESPECT to retirees. THIS is why I pushed so hard for people to come; so that they can see for themselves the joy, the unity of religious and secular and the incredible motivation that we have to turn Israel into a strong and proud Jewish State.

There’s one more thing I must point out that – in the history of Israeli politics – has NEVER been done before. We believe that Eretz Yisrael belongs to Am Yisrael, wherever they live – USA, Mexico, Panama, France, Australia, England – every Jew in every place in the world has a share in this land and unlike all other political parties who run to these Jews around the world to “shnorr” money from them – but refuse to LISTEN to them or give them a VOICE – we started Zehut International and we want them as ACTIVE MEMBERS OF OUR MOVEMENT!! I am the Chairman of Zehut International and I say to all these Jews:

Come home to Israel.

When, G-d willing, we take over the leadership we will do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to help bring you here but in the meantime, even as you live in Canada, Italy or Brazil we will give you the right to VOTE for a PORTION of our Knesset list. Every 10 spots will have ONE representative from Zehut International that will be voted for by the Jews in the Diaspora. This is HISTORY. This is UNITY.

Not only does Zehut bring together religious and secular, and settlers from Hebron with settlers from Herziliya… but now we are bringing together Jews from ALL OVER THE WORLD to stand as one and build the biggest leadership party EVER in the State of Israel!

Good luck to us all and Am Yisrael Chai!”

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