Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Bibi to Change the Rules Again?

The phones in the Manhigut Yehudit offices didn't stop ringing last Tuesday. What? Bibi is changing the rules for the elections again? According to news reports on Tuesday, PM Netanyahu has initiated a change in the election rules for the Likud Central Committee. This change will increase the number of LCC members from Israel's cities and not from outlying areas, effectively diluting the strength of the LCC members from Judea and Samaria.

Even if this change does go into effect, there is no reason for panic. Ultimately, a political party is a reflection of the spirit of its members. With thousands of new faith-based registered members in the Likud, it can now boast a decidedly new, faith-based spirit. The new Jewish-State mentality that Manhigut Yehudit created has filtered deep into the consciousness of the Israeli public.

Bibi can use various tricks to prevent the public from expressing its opinion. This is exactly what the Left, together with the courts and the media, has been doing for years. But the change that has transpired within the Likud and in the public is deep. Ultimately, the attempts to stifle the new spirit will only serve to strengthen it, as we have seen in the past.

We are not concerned about the proposed change of rules. The real change is Israel's return to a faith-based approach, also taking place in the cities. So even if the Likud Central Committee is artificially stacked with city-dwellers, the faith-based revolution will prevail.

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