Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Get Ready for Elections

By Shmuel Sackett

Things are getting into high gear for both us AND Netanyahu. Every body thinks that Bibi is going to have a “cake walk” but we have found out that Bibi doesn’t quite think so. He has appointed a minister in his cabinet, Gilad Erdan, to be his Campaign Manager. Think about that for a second: A major minister in the Likud government will be stopping all of his national work for the next 7 weeks so that he can focus on one thing: Defeating Feiglin! We have also found out that Bibi will be spending the maximum allowed by the Israel Elections Committee which is 2,000,000 Shekel (around $540,000).

In short: Bibi is taking this campaign VERY seriously and putting everything he has into winning.

That means just one thing for us: WE MUST DO THE SAME!!!

I have said – many times – that, very often, our opponents take us much more seriously than we take ourselves. We need to understand that things happen in politics very quickly and candidates who are up one day (Herman Cain) can quickly switch with candidates that were considered to be without a chance of winning (Newt Gingrich). We need to work hard, press the right buttons, send a strong and positive message and present a real alternative to the problems of leadership in Israel.

Dear friends, the oxygen for this campaign is donations. Please contribute whatever you can for this campaign: Click here to donate. Anything you can give is deeply appreciated.

You can also help by getting the word out on social media. Blog Feiglin, tweet him and get him out there on Facebook. Enter Moshe Feiglin's English Facebook page, "like" Moshe Feiglin's posts and get your own posts up in as many relevant places as you can.

If you are a Likud member in Israel, you can sign a petition to endorse Moshe Feiglin's candidacy. We need 500 signatures. Print out this form, sign it, sign up your fellow Likud members and fax it to 02-996-8080.

Let's work together to make Moshe Feiglin Israel's next prime minister!

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