Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Message from Shmuel Sackett

Since Moshe Feiglin announced that he will be running in the approaching primary elections, people keep asking the same question: Can Moshe win? If Bibi is so popular, why not just let the guy run un-opposed and save our energy/money for the next time?

I answer that question in two ways: First of all – YES! We can win! Things happen very quickly in the world of politics and candidates that are here today, are gone tomorrow. If you don’t believe me, ask Herman Cain. We will be working very hard in the next two months towards the goal of winning the primaries. Allow me to make myself perfectly clear: We are not building a plan, raising money and working 23 hours/day to come in second place. We are doing everything we can to win those primaries on January 31st and with the help of G-d, we will be successful.

But there’s another way to answer the question. Manhigut Yehudit is about building the alternative. Already today we have changed the face of Israeli politics by convincing the overwhelming majority of Religious Zionists to stop thinking as a separate entity/sector and to enter the Nationalist leading party. Already today we have changed the face of Israeli politics by coining the term "Manhig Emuni" (Faith-based leader) as opposed to a "Manhig Dati" (Religious-based leader) and finally – we changed the face of Israeli politics by showing – THROUGH PERSONAL EXAMPLE – how that kind of person can run for the leadership of this COUNTRY and not just for leadership of a settlement, Yeshiva or Eruv committee. That is why we are running; to show – time and again – that, in reality, this is not about winning this particular election but rather about winning the mindset of the Faith-based public. We can – AND WILL – one day lead the entire State of Israel.

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The Jews are good at giving away things in the Lodz ghetto they gave away their children instead of making the Germans come and pick them up and you would've seen what you can figure out. Why are they supporting Gaza give it to Egypt as they did the rest of the Sinai Israel created a Palestinian nation giving away its rights to Judeo and Samaria. The Jews gave the temple now to the Misle Muslims after the 67 before why? I have seen Meisch twice in New York he is the only one that makes any sense