Tuesday, January 10, 2012

But You Don't Have a Chance!

By Shmuel Sackett

The #1 comment we hear all time in the campaign is that Moshe "doesn’t have a chance". People like him, agree with him and even prefer him to the existing Likud leadership but since he "doesn’t have a chance" people are hesitant to vote for him.

I tell these people all the time that the answer to this complaint lies in the Republican primaries in America.

A few months ago a straw poll was conducted in Iowa and Michele Bachmann came in first place. On Tuesday, in the actual Iowa caucus, she came in second to LAST place.
Three weeks ago Newt Gingrich was leading in all polls yet he wound up doing very poorly.
When Rick Perry entered the race he was the #1 favorite to WIN. Today it looks like he will be dropping out of the race.

On the flip side, Rick Santorum was running at about 6% in the polls and yesterday wound up coming in 2nd place – just 8 votes behind the winner!

I remember watching an interview just 16 days ago with Rick Santorum and the interviewer said, "But, you don’t have a chance!"
He smiled at the interviewer and said, "The Republicans of Iowa will decide whether or not I have a chance. I believe in THEM."

Dearest friends – Things in politics happen VERY quickly!
Moshe’s 2 main issues of "New legislation for Supreme Court judges" and "A member of Likud as Defense Minister and NOT Ehud Barak" have started gaining momentum.
This week was our official "Kick-off" campaign and it was standing room only.
Things are happening.
Excitement is generating and the energy level is rising.

Don’t fall into the "don’t have a chance" excuse.
Get involved, do your part and leave the rest to our Father in heaven.

No excuses, folks, just hard work, dedication and making sure that our #1 goal is to Sanctify G-d’s Name throughout the world.
A campaign like that CANNOT lose!!

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