Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You Can Sleep Soundly Until Jan. 31

This animated clip is going viral all across Israel.
Please watch it and forward it to all your friends – especially in Israel.
The translated transcript is below.
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Likud member – Do you live in YESHA?
Until Jan 31st you can continue to sleep quietly.
Until Jan 31st nobody will threaten you.
You have a house, a bed - you can continue to sleep.
How well will you sleep AFTER Jan 31st???
THAT is another question.

The people who prevented an additional building freeze,
And who battle against the decrees of Ehud Barak,
Are the MKs of Likud who were elected due to the influence of Feiglin.

On Jan 31st there will be primaries to elect the Chairman of Likud.
If Netanyahu receives a resounding victory,
MK’s (Danny) Danon, (Tzippi) Hotoveli, (Zev) Elkin, (Yariv) Levine and their colleagues
Will no longer feel that they have the support of the Likud membership,
And Netanyahu’s dream of “2 States for 2 People” will become a painful reality!

On the other hand
A strong showing by Moshe Feiglin will show that the faith-based and ideological camps in Likud
Which will give those MK’s the backing and strength to continue fighting for settlement of the land
And the entire Land of Israel!

So remember what we said –
Until Jan 31st you can continue to sleep quietly.
How will you sleep AFTER Jan 31st???

It is EXACTLY FOR THAT REASON why you are going to vote!!!

So, for settlement of the Land –
Put “MOSHE” in the ballot box!

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