Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yair Lapid warns against a strong Feiglin

This week, Yair Lapid announced that he will be forming his own party and running for Knesset. For those that are unaware, Yair Lapid is the son of Haredi-basher and ultra leftist Tommy Lapid (who has already left this world).

Yair Lapid is a journalist and very successful TV personality. He is young, handsome and a breath of fresh/new life to a very depressing and dying left wing in Israel. The leftists in Israel love this guy and polls already show his new party at 10 seats. There is talk that he might merge with Kadima and if so, polls show that party at 32 seats… even MORE than Likud!

Today, the internet was abuzz with the following news item:
Headline: Yair Lapid – We must fight Feiglin. Every vote for Feiglin strengthens the right wing.
Summary of article: A strong Feiglin is very dangerous to us. We must fight against this with all our might.

According to this article Lapid said the following; “If Feiglin does well in the Likud primaries he will strengthen the right wing and make Likud a very strong force. Polls show that a strong Likud can gain 35-40 seats in the next Knesset. In the event that Feiglin does poorly in those primaries, the right wing vote will leave Likud and go to smaller parties like Lieberman. This will weaken Likud and make our chances for leadership much better.”

This proves the point we have been saying all campaign. The main reason to vote Feiglin is because he will change the leadership of the country and make Israel a strong and proud Jewish state. However, if you don’t believe that, and simply want a strong Likud then you STILL must vote Feiglin.

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