Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Likud Primary: on the Threshold of Greatness

By Tuvia Brodie

Today, Israel stands close to the threshold of its destiny. Soon, on January 31, Likud members who are eligible to vote in this year’s Party primary will go to the polls to choose the next head-of-Likud. They will choose between current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and head of the Likud faction, Manhigut Yehudit, Moshe Feiglin. With this election, Likud members will have the ability to choose a leader who commits publicly to the promise and the Power of the G-d of Israel. It is a stunning opportunity. The winner of this primary will be just one election away from becoming Israel’s Prime Minister. If Likud chooses Moshe Feiglin as its head-of-Likud then--for perhaps the first time in over 1,500 years-- Jewish voters on Jewish soil will have selected a national candidate who speaks of Jewish values with a determined Jewish consciousness. For a Jewish nation accustomed to a steady flow of Jewish politicians and political operatives who reject all things Jewish, this primary gives to Likud an historic opportunity.

Our Jewish tradition tells us how Israel becomes strong—through the public partnership between courageous Jewish leadership and G-d. Now, on January 31, for the first time in a very long time, Likud has the chance to re-establish that partnership.

After months of news stories that illustrate just how far to the political Left Benjamin Netanyahu has turned, Israelis now understand that Moshe Feiglin supports a Likud platform that Mr Netanyahu clearly rejects. Moshe Feiglin will not support a Leftist High Court. He will not encourage a Leftist civil administration to arrest Jews from Judea and Samaria on unfounded espionage charges. Instead, he has, through action and word, defended Likud beliefs. Netanyahu has not. While Israelis daily wonder how far Left Mr Netanyahu will lean, no one in Israel questions Mr. Feiglin’s commitment to Likud.

Today, Israelis understand that Mr. Netanyahu has shown little effort to confront Leftist NGOs (non-governmental organizations) who seek foreign money to promote anti-Israel and anti-Jewish agendas—and then claim immunity from oversight because they ‘defend democracy.’ Mr. Netanyahu might buy that argument. No one in Israel believes that Mr Feiglin will buy it.

From the news, Israelis see secularists in the IDF harassing and coercing religious soldiers. Israelis may wonder why Mr. Netanyahu allows such anti-Jewish behaviour by Jews in the IDF when the IDF needs religious soldiers to maintain battle readiness; but no one in Israel believes that Mr. Feiglin will support or accept such behaviour—especially when the government has committed to recruiting more-- not fewer—religious youth. Israelis may wonder if Mr. Netanyahu will continue to promote officers who subvert government orders because of secular ideology. No one in Israel believes that Mr. Feiglin would accept such promotions.

When Israelis see Leftists act as provocateurs to manipulate the public into an anti-Haredi frenzy, they may wonder how eagerly Mr. Netanyahu will join the bashing of religious Jews (we will not accept discrimination!). No one in Israel believes the Mr. Feiglin would be a part of such manufactured outrage.

When Israelis see pro-Israel Jewish protesters demonized and anti- Israel Leftist protesters lionized, everyone in Israel wonders how aggressively Mr. Netanyahu will react against the pro-Israel Jews (we will not allow [pro-Israel Jewish] extremists to start a religious war!). No one in Israel believes the Mr. Feiglin would join such Leftist attacks.

Israelis know that anti-Jewish and anti-Israel Jewish Leftists have been misleading, manipulating and demonizing Israelis in order to build a clearly anti-Jewish agenda at the expense of Israel’s majority. Israelis may ask why Mr. Netanyahu embraces these Leftists. No one is Israel believes that Mr. Feiglin will do the same.

Israel’s majority is tired of watching our leaders aid and abet our enemies while they acquiesce before those who hate Israel. They are tired of watching Mr. Netanyahu back-pedal. No one is Israel believes that Moshe Feiglin will back-pedal.

Likud voters turn to Likud because they believe in Israel. They join Likud because they want a strong Jewish nation. They vote Likud because they want a strong Jewish leader.

Likud voters know that Israel faces challenges. They understand the realities confronting the Jewish state. They understand their national uniqueness: they are Jews in the world’s only Jewish state. They want to stand steadfast and true to their people, their ancestral land and their heritage.

Likud voters know what lies before them. They understand Jewish destiny. They know why strong Jewish leadership is important to them—and to Israel. Likud voters understand that for this singular Jewish nation to remain strong and free, it needs a singular Jewish leader who commits to Jewish values.

It is time for Likud to choose strength, not ambivalence. It is time to choose a candidate whose belief in Likud is strong and true. It is time to choose Moshe Feiglin.

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