Thursday, November 14, 2013

Moshe Feiglin to US: Stop the Hypocrisy and Free Pollard

Transcript of Video
Mr. Chairman. Over the past weeks, we have learned of more and more cases of American spying on European heads of  state, leaders of the Western world and ultimately, spying on the State of Israel and its leaders. More and more is made public after document leaks and the like.
In light of these revelations, the time has come for the State of Israel to turn to the US and say: With all due respect, you have been holding an Israeli spy – who is recognized as an Israeli spy –  for 29 years, for doing what you have been doing all along. And so, practice what you preach. You have also committed the same crime for which you insist on imprisoning a man, who has not seen the light of day since he was jailed. As you have also committed the same crime, just on a much larger scale, the time has certainly come to release our brother, Jonathan Pollard, from prison.

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