Monday, November 18, 2013

Temple Mount Update

At the holiest place on the Temple Mount, very near the Foundation Stone, the Arabs have once again begun digging. These excavations are likely to destroy remnants of our Holy Temples, which stood at this exact spot. No supervisor from the Antiquities Authority has been present, even though the law prohibits digging on the Temple mount without archaeological supervision.  
Temple Mount activists reported that the police attempted to stop the work, but after the Moslems rioted, the excavations resumed.  
The Temple Mount organizations fear that the Moslems are taking advantage of the forced absence of the director of the Temple Mount umbrella organization, Yehuda Glick, from the Temple Mount, in order to destroy as many Jewish artifacts as possible. 
Yehuda Glick is staging a hunger strike near the Temple Mount, demanding to be allowed entry to the site. 

MK Moshe Feiglin, who is also prohibited from entering the Mount due to pressure from Jordan, visited Glick at his hunger strike. He encouraged him to continue his tireless efforts to renew Jewish sovereignty on the Temple Mount. 

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