Monday, November 04, 2013

The New Faith: Israel is not ours

By Tuvia Brodie

Some Jews believe their religion requires Israel to sign a peace agreement with its enemies. They believe their religion requires that Israel facilitate the creation of a new Arab ‘Palestine’.   
They believe Jews must care for others. They believe that the ‘two-state solution’ is part of Judaism.  
These Jews believe many things about Israel. One thing they do not believe is their own Bible.  That, they reject.
The Jewish Bible, the Tanach, is the Canon that links Jews to their G-d. It is the core of our religion. It states clearly that the land which these Jews want to give away belongs to the Jewish people. It teaches us that the land of Israel and the Jewish people are bound together like husband and wife into a single inseparable destiny.
But these Jews seek a divorce. They say that the Jew is an outsider in Israel. They claim he is occupier, not owner.  They believe the land does not belong to Jews. They believe the land belongs to the Arab.
Those who see Jews as outsiders in Israel reject the core of their own religion. They see no link between Jews, the G-d of Israel and the land of Israel. They believe that Israel has no religious significance, only social significance.
But that belief is not Judaism. It’s a Faith of its own. Like all Faith, it’s not rational. It is a Faith that, in fact, has no Jewish legitimacy. For Judaism, it is a false Faith.
This new Faith is called, ‘Israel isn’t ours’. Unlike Judaism, it doesn’t date back thousands of years. It is not connected to G-d.
It began as a seedling perhaps 150 years ago, when Reform Judaism began to separate religion from Judaism and G-d from Tanach.  It then flowered into its own true Faith in the 1960’s, after Yasser Arafat invented the phrase, ‘Palestinian People.’ 
Before the 1960’s, no self-respecting Arab would tolerate being called ‘Palestinian’—for a simple reason: the word, ‘Palestine’ everyone knew, meant ‘Jew land’.  To call an Arab a ‘Palestinian’ was tantamount to calling him, ‘Jew.’
The idea of ‘Palestine-is-Israel’ does not come from Arab usage. It’s from the Romans, who changed Israel’s name to ‘Palestine’ as the final act—the coup de grace—in their scorched-earth destruction of Israel almost 1,900 years ago.
The Roman plan had been simple. It’s the same as today’s Arab plan: kill Jews, commit ethnic cleansing, rape the Jewish Temple—and change the name of the country. Do all that, the Romans believed, and Israel would disappear.
This is what the ‘Palestinian Cause’ wants. But unlike the Roman attempt to erase Israel —which, you may have noticed, failed—the Arab battle transcends politics.  
The Arab plan is greater than politics. The Arab plan is religious.  
Read the Hamas Charter. It’s online in English. That Charter is not a political document. It’s a religious manifesto. It says clearly that the ‘Palestinian problem’ will not be settled by compromise. That would be a political solution. For Hamas, the only solution is religious.
For the Arab, the Jew is an infidel. You don’t engage in politics with an infidel. You follow your religion.
The Jewish Tanach agrees. Israel in the Middle East is not a political issue. Israel’s existence and survival do not depend upon politics. The story of Israel, our Tanach tells us, is religious: Israel is the linchpin that connects G-d to man.
In Judaism, individual religious faith connects man to G-d. The land of Israel connects G-d to man.
Jews who reject Israel’s right to land sever G-d’s relationship with us. They convert Judaism into a socio-political morality. They reject the work of bringing G-d into the world. They want social relevance.
They reject the religious content of Judaism. They say G-d isn’t relevant. They reject the spiritual connection between the Land of Israel, the people of Israel and the G-d of Israel.  
They reject more than 3000 years of religious history. They replace their ancient religion with a fifty-year-old Faith from Yasser Arafat called, ‘Israel isn’t ours.’
Make no mistake: ‘Israel isn’t ours’ is as much a religious profession as ‘G-d gave Israel to the Jew’. We know this because of the fervour of those who believe it. They won’t believe in anything else. No matter how many Israelis pay in blood for the false Faith of these Jews, their Faith never falters. They reject the real G-d to worship their false god.
The difference between these two Faiths, however, is stark. In the Tanach, the professions of G-d have a history of coming true; but the professions of ‘Israel isn’t ours’ aren’t so successful. Their professions are rife with mistakes, missteps, misrepresentations, falsehoods and betrayal.
Jews do not survive on False Faith. We survive because of our commitment to the land of Israel and the G-d of Israel.
Want proof? Read your Tanach.

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