Thursday, December 12, 2013

Life is Triumph, not Death

Tzippy Feiglin's Post on Living with Parkinson's Disease

It is with great difficulty that I’ve chosen to deal with the topic of Mati Milo, who suffered from Parkinson’s Disease and whose assisted suicide was glorified last night on a popular TV show. I cannot maintain my silence. Nobody wants to suffer. Nobody wants to lose their dignity. Who are we really, and what is our purpose here on G-d’s green earth? Are we here to suffer? Are we here just for ourselves? There are many people out there ill with a disease that is considered incurable, or suffering unimaginable pain, not knowing if they will wake up in the morning, the nights are so bad. Yet they open their eyes the morning after, and realize, darn I’m still alive, and say, “Thank you G-d, for returning my soul. You saw my suffering through the night and decided I still have what to do in this world; It’s not yet my time. I know it’s so hard, but look around. See the good, CHOOSE LIFE. It’s a conscious decision every day, all day, every hour. If G-d spared you yet another day, as hard as it is, and I know, and many others reading this know for themselves just how hard life is - and still choose life- keep choosing! G-d’s salvation can come in the blink of an eye. Believe you are worthy and G-d is keeping you here for a reason. Wishing all a peaceful, pain-free night, and a heart filled with gratitude in the morning. Praise G-d for He is good, for His loving kindness is eternal.

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