Tuesday, December 31, 2013

No Administrative Detention Except for Settlers?

By Moshe Feiglin

Yesterday I visited with Boaz Albert, the father of 6 from Yitzhar who is in prison after refusing to abide by an administrative order prohibiting him from entering Judea and Samaria. Boaz is a farmer. His vineyards and winery need his constant attention. The administrative order prevents him from being with his family and also means financial ruin. Boaz was arrested at his home and jailed. He has no idea what he is being charged with, but is surre that it is nothing more than suspicion of involvement with “Price Tag” activities: In other words, “criminal” graffiti.

Attorney General Weinstein just announced that he opposes administrative detention against organized crime leaders in Israel. In the case of organized crime, the suspicions against the leaders are murder, extortion, trafficking and more – not graffiti.
I agree with Weinstein: Arrest without trial must completely disappear from our justice system. But to allow it against Boaz Albert while negating it for some of Israel’s most dangerous mafiosos? Is Weinstein simply afraid? Or are his judicial decisions tainted by his political inclinations?

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Axel Berger said...

Dear Mr Feiglin,

while fully endorsing your stance towards "guilty on suspicion" I do hope you do not condone harassment and the defacement and vandalism of religious buildings. Germany has been far too lenient towards an aggessive totalitarian ideology for far too long and the result were three burning churches in the last month alone. (Eimeldingen Nov. 26., Ühlingen-Birkendorf Dec. 16., Beilngries Dec. 7.) In Hannover Garbsen a church burnt down completely on July 30. In all cases arson is proven or highly probable. All these were played down in press and media. Failing to nip things like these in the bud you risk a complete breakdown of civilization. I agree with the settlers' goals but that does not excuse all their methods.

Axel Berger

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