Monday, February 03, 2014

After PM Loses Referendum, I Will Provide Alternative to Lead Israel

By Moshe Feiglin

The squabbling between PM Netanyahu and Minister Bennett over the negotiations is ridiculous. Minister Livni has already announced from the Knesset podium that Jerusalem is already on the negotiating table. We see how Netanyahu is transferring sovereignty over the heart of the city – the Temple Mount – to Jordan. All of this is happening now.
In other words, they are negotiating about everything and just like Begin and Sharon, Netanyahu will ultimately give them…everything.
Last week, from the Knesset podium, I told PM Netanyahu that the time has come to end the futile arguments. He must clear up the smoke screen and announce a public referendum on the ‘peace’ negotiations. If he will receive a mandate to continue upon the path that he has chosen – that is his prerogative. Personally, I will not remain in the retreat coalition that will come together.
If the PM will lose the referendum, he will have to go to elections. I promise that I will provide an alternative for leadership of the Nation for all those who seek liberty and Jewish identity.
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