Thursday, February 20, 2014

For First Time Since 6 Day War, Knesset To Call Upon PM To Fully Implement Israeli Sovereignty on Temple Mount

Tuesday, February 25, the Knesset plenum will gather to discuss Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount.This is the result of a formal request signed by members of the Likud-Beiteinu and Bayit HaYehudi parties, (and members of the government), to discuss and endorse the following statement written by Moshe Feiglin:
“The Knesset calls upon the Prime Minister to implement Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount, to stop the discrimination there and to allow all people to ascend the Mount through any of the entry gates, regardless of religion, race, sex or nationality – in accordance with the fundamental laws of Israel.”The following Knesset members have attached their names to Moshe Feiglin’s declaration: Tzachi Hanegbi, Yariv Levin, Miri Regev, Shim’on Ochayon, Moti Yogav, Orit Struck and Shuli Meulam.
The government of Jordan has described the proposed discussion as “playing with fire,” and Islamic figures have called for armed resistance and the murder of Jews in order to prevent the implementation of Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount

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