Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Channel 10: Moshe Feiglin Most Original Thinker in Knesset

In an interview on Israel’s Channel 10, Moshe Feiglin was crowned ‘the most original thinker in the Knesset.’ The “Night Pipe” program was reacting to Feiglin’s opinion that every person has the right to say that the IDF is not ethical.
“I also signed petitions of leftists who don’t want to serve in the IDf,” Feiglin added.  “A person has to act according to his conscience and be willing to pay the price.”
When asked if he thinks his liberal opinions on some burning social issues will be turn into votes at the ballot box, Feiglin said: “First of all I’ve been writing these opinions for the past twenty years in my books and hundreds of articles. I am happy if people like it, but that is not what motivates me. I write what I think.”
“Will it add to my voter base?” Feiglin continued. “People do recognize that my thinking is out of the box. I do believe it will be expressed in the next elections.”
Feiglin weighed in on the medical marijuana debate: Law is in a constant dialectic with reality. When a law is so blatantly illogical, it becomes irrelevant.  With medical marijuana, we have reached that point.”

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