Thursday, January 01, 2015

Explaining the Past - looking to the Future

By Shmuel Sackett

As I am sure you know by now, yesterday's Likud primaries didn't work out the way we expected.

We worked very hard at advancing Moshe to a high point on the Likud list, but Moshe managed only to win spot #27 – considered an unrealistic spot in the March 17thgeneral election.

I must state that Moshe was not the only good, solid Knesset member that Likud members rejected; Tzippy Hotoveli – a Deputy Minister in the current government – won just one spot before Moshe (#26), which is ALSO considered very unrealistic.

To understand what happened to Moshe, please read this quote from the Maariv (NRG) website:
"Two weeks ago, we reported about a deal being worked on against Feiglin. The goal of this deal was to insure that Feiglin receive an unrealistic spot on the Likud list and it succeeded exactly as planned. The deal was orchestrated by Prime Minister Netanyahu and implemented via Knesset members Chaim Katz, Yariv Levine, Zev Elkin and Danny Danon"

How nice…

While we understand the system and realize that every candidate has to worry and push him/herself, we will never understand why candidates actively work AGAINST others in the same party.  Thanks to the hard work of these politicians, the current Likud list contains two former members of Kadima and SIX people who SUPPORTED the Gaza Expulsion Plan.

Do the members of Likud really prefer these people to Feiglin and Hotoveli?

Based on yesterday's results, our strategy team sat today (at my house) for over 4 hours to discuss our next move and we are happy to report that we have set forth a very serious action plan.

We will be revealing this plan to our membership on Monday night – 7PM – in a hotel in Jerusalem. (Exact location is being worked on)

At that time, Moshe will deliver the keynote address and will explain our direction.  Without revealing the plan, allow me to simply state the following:

While we do not plan on taking the Likud to court for (yet again) election cheating, nor will we be challenging the results in any way, we do not plan on "taking a breather".

Our future is clear and bright and our focus of building alternative leadership remains our top priority.  We will continue our dream of turning Israel into a strong and proud Jewish State and we will not rest for a minute until that goal has been achieved.

Please do not feel bad or sorry for us.  Hashem only does good things – even though it may not seem clear at the time.

The events which we have been reading in the recent Torah portions, specifically about Joseph and his brothers, seem very odd and difficult, yet when the master plan was revealed, it all came together.  We are there as well.

Yesterday's setback will only be temporary and we promise to IMMEDIATLEY bounce right back up and keep moving closer to the goal.

A lot of rumors will be flying around and we do not plan on denying any of them!

On Monday night, things will be made very clear and we are certain you will love the direction we have chosen.

Thank you for your support, trust and confidence.
Stay on the team – we still have a job to do!

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