Wednesday, January 07, 2015

MK Moshe Feiglin: We Have a Year and a Half to Prepare

After announcing his departure from the Likud, MK Moshe Feiglin called upon his supporters to do the same. Feiglin promised to establish a new political framework that will turn to young people from all walks of life as n alternative to both Right and Left. According to Feiglin, the founding principle of the alternative will be: Judaism = Liberty.
“As it looks right now,” MK Feiglin said, “our new political tool will not be ready for the upcoming elections (despite the fact that many options are now on the table). But I am in no rush.”
“The entire Israeli political leadership is incapable of dealing with the most basic challenges facing Israel today,” said Feiglin. “We must prepare the alternative in a deep and fundamental way. We have about another year and a half until the next elections – and even that is a short amount of time for the work ahead of us,” he concluded.

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Axel Berger said...

Over the years I have read many lucid essays by Moshe Feiglin about how it was important to act from within Likud and why all the others and their outside parties were wrong. I have always found them convincing and agreed with them. So this new way will at least take some getting used to and as of now I'm by no means convinced, I'm ever going to follow him there.