Wednesday, January 21, 2015

MK Moshe Feiglin: Israel’s Lack of Identity Sparks Hatred

“In the media pictures, the terrorist who stabbed 10 people on the Tel Aviv bus today looks more like somebody trying to get himself on a reality show. He looks so normal – nothing like the monster hiding behind the smiling face,” said MK Moshe Feiglin after Wednesday’s terror attack.
“What makes a modern, smiley young person go on a murderous rampage? What is the source of the hatred?” Feiglin asked.
“Why do they hate us so much?
Because of the settlements? The fedayoun hated us and murdered us before the settlements.
Because of the establishment of the State of Israel? The Arabs murdered us in 1929.
Because of poverty? The murderers are usually financially well-off.
Because of ignorance? The murderers are usually better-educated.
Why? Is it nothing more than ordinary anti-Semitism?
Not exactly.
Basic anti-Semitism is there, of course. We will never escape it. But we could have managed with it and with the Arabs, if we would only be ourselves,” Feiglin said.
“You can call me ‘Jew’ if you would like,” Feiglin quoted the pioneer Yudkeh explains in Chaim Hazaz’s story. “But I am not a Jew any more. I am a Zionist”.
“For me, Oslo means forgetting that I am a Jew.” Feiglin quoted authoress Dorit Rabinian.
Feiglin reported that an Arab MK said to him, “I can do fine with you. In the Koran it also says that the Land of Israel belongs to you. My problem is with the Zionists. They are nothing more than colonialists.”
“But they always offer you half the Land and then you slaughter them?” Feiglin asked the MK. “I want the entire Land and you say you do fine with me?”
“It is not a territorial issue at all,” the MK replied. “With you we can reach an understanding.”
“They will make peace with us when we make peace with ourselves – with our identity,” MK Feiglin concluded.

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