Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Israel’s Elections: Democracy or Dictatorship?

By Moshe Feiglin

Netanyahu is the Nation of Israel’s preferred leader. Not because they love him so much, but because they understand that the alternative is much worse and much, much more corrupt. (The Labor contender for the premiership remained silent during police questioning for crimes much more serious than what Netanyahu is being accused of. The media, of course, is silent about that.)

The sovereign is supposed to be the Nation. And the Nation repeatedly chooses Netanyahu. What is happening here right now, at this very moment, is that a small minority of non-elected officials appointed by a small, dictatorial clique is challenging the sovereignty of the People.
Is this country ours, or does it belong to the dictators? Does it belong to a tyranny that decides who to investigate and whom to protect from uncomfortable questions? About whom to publicize compromising details and about whom to cover them up? Upon whom to unleash the police and at what opportunity- and ultimately, what punishment to impose upon those who threaten the hegemony of the dictatorship?
These elections are not about parties, candidates or ideas. What is being decided in these elections is if this state belongs to the people or to the dictators. Is our democracy a mask for the ‘enlightened’ dictatorship of a small, unelected clique, or is it real?
We all understand that none of the candidates has a message or the tools to deal with the existential challenges facing Israel. But those who fall into the trap of all these investigations against Netanyahu, and all the new ‘scandals’ revealed just before the elections, and of the Chief of Police who immediately toes the line of those who may be investigating him in no time – has turned his vote into a joke. And Israel into a dictatorship.

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