Tuesday, February 03, 2015

MK Moshe Feiglin: Persecution of Jews on the Temple Mount leads to Persecution of Jews throughout the World

“The background story of the arrest of the teenagers is even more disturbing,” Feiglin said. “These boys were attacked by Arabs, who together with the Moslem wakf custodians, stalked them and cursed them while they were visiting the Mount. The police, who, as always, accompanied the group, arrested the boys, who, after they didn’t receive even a minimum of protection from the police, attempted to distance the attackers on their own.”

“The Prime Minister, who called upon the Jews of France to make aliyah to Israel because here any Jewish child can walk about without fear, is responsible for the conduct of the police,” said Feiglin. “Not only does he not protect Jewish children who visit the Temple Mount, but he arrests them for no reason at all. Those who enable and take part in the persecution of Jews – just because they are Jews – on the Temple Mount, pave the way for the persecution of Jews everywhere in the world,” Feiglin warned.

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