Monday, February 16, 2015

Left is still Delusional about Peace

By Shoula Romano Horing (from YNET)
While the Middle East is burning around us, the center-left political camp is still trying to convince Israeli voters that Israel can live in peace with its Arab neighbors and be embraced lovingly by the world.
The Islamic State has released a 22-minutes video showing the burning alive of a Jordanian pilot who was trapped in a cage while being filmed. If these terrorists could do this to a fellow Arab-Muslim, imagine what Islamic Jihadists like Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah would do (to Jews in) the Jewish state.
But despite this harsh, horrific reality in the Middle East, Tzipi Livni and Isaac Herzog are still trying to convince Israeli voters that peace is possible for Israel in the Middle East.
The center-left political camp still argues that if Israel would only engage with or negotiate with its Arab enemies, and especially Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, there is a chance for peace. They argue that the roots of the conflict and the anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish terrorism and hatred are because of the so-called occupation, the settlements, the zealot settlers, the roadblocks, poverty and a sense of humiliation and hopelessness among the Arabs.
While the Middle East is burning around us, they minimize and dismiss the security threats in their election campaign and tell us to concentrate instead on the economy, social issues.
How much more bloodshed is necessary before Livni and Herzog and other leftists understand that even if Israellimited its territory only to the city of Tel Aviv, this would still not bring peace, but serve as a jumpstart and invitation for more terror?

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