Thursday, February 26, 2015

Moshe Feiglin Reveals Name of New Party

Feiglin said that he plans to turn to the broad public – not just religious or right. According to Feiglin, the party will create an alternative based on liberty, identity and meaning.
“Israel needs faith based leadership,” said Feiglin. “None of the parties running right now have solutions for the challenges facing Israel. I do not expect the new government to last more than two years.”
The journalists on the panel noted that Feiglin is not like Lapid, who won 19 seats the first time that he ran. Unlike Lapid, Feiglin is religious, with rightist views, does not host a popular television show and more. “All of that is right,” Feiglin countered. “But the difference between Lapid and me is that I am connected to reality. That reality necessitates the solution that I am talking about. At some point in the future, it will all come together. There will be no choice.”

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