Friday, July 03, 2015

Moshe Feiglin on Facebook: Join Me for a Proud Israel

This is an actual conversation that Moshe Feiglin had with a young man on his Facebook page.

It was in Hebrew and we translated it – word for word. No editing was done.
Young man: “It is always great to see what you have to say here on Facebook. But please explain: Why should I register for your party as opposed to the Bayit Yehudi party? (Despite the fact that I identify more with you than with them). But you don’t have a chance and they are my default choice.”
Moshe: “Do you really want me as prime minister? Truly? I don’t think so. You want me to give a short speech on Shabbat afternoon or perhaps for intellectual entertainment. But for prime minister, you prefer Netanyahu. Or in other words, you prefer to perpetuate the current situation, while charging Bennett with safeguarding the Religious Zionist sector. As such, there is no reason for me to explain why to vote for me. With G-d’s help, those who vote for will be those who really and truly want something new to begin. Most of those people are not in the Religious Zionist sector. After they come, you will come, as well. Actually, maybe you won’t come then, either.”
Young man: “Let us assume that I do want you as PM. The question is how much I want you as prime minister. I would like to see that, but I am realistic and understand that the fact that I – and many others – want that to happen, does not mean that everybody does. I am simply relying on experience. I am 24 years old and have voted a number of times. I discovered that even if I think that the party for which I voted is the best choice and if everyone votes for that party, things will really be good – the majority did not vote for that party. That is why I am asking how it is that you think that the majority is with you? Please explain how you will convince everyone to vote for you… By the way, I am not from the Religious Zionist sector, although I am from the Jewish sector.”
Moshe: “From what you wrote I understand that you think that the Bayit Yehudi party is the closest to my approach and because you think my chances to win are not good, you prefer them. The problem with that approach is the assumption that we are on the same path – just that Bennet will get to our destination in a luxury car, while I will be walking. Nothing could be more erroneous.
There is a path to life-giving waters. And there is a dead end. You are thirsty and you have to choose between the Cadillacs (the parties that will certainly get enough votes to enter the Knesset) who compete for your vote on their way to the dead end, or to get their on foot (and build your own car) with me on the way to the water. What do you prefer?
Bennett is a very talented, nice person. If he would be leading you to the water, there really would be no need for me. The same is true of Lapid, Netanyahu, Kachlon – all of them.
The water that we are talking about is called ‘meaning’.  The meaning of our existence here – and in the world – is the perfection of the world in the Kingdom of Heaven. If we translate that into secular talk it goes like this: The message of universal liberty heralded by an exemplary society whose very existence testifies to the existence of the Creator, which empowers it to declare freedom for every human being.
Humanity is waiting for our message. But we are a nation that flees its message, rendering us irrelevant. I do not know of any tool in Israeli politics that brings us to those life-giving waters. The politicians may have some new faces, but they all represent the old (lack of) message. As such, there is no choice but to roll up our sleeves and to join the long, difficult journey to the right destination.
Young man: “You convinced me. I will register for your new Zehut party and together with you, will try to change reality. Despite the fact that it sometimes seems impossible, I know that there is really nothing that is impossible.​”

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