Thursday, July 02, 2015

Should Tycoons Be Allowed to Profit?

By Moshe Feiglin

I have never met or spoken to Mr. Tshuva. But I do know that he mortgaged all his finances to find this gas and that we all signed a contract with him. We have already breached that contract twice, and squeezed Tshuva for twice more than he was obligated to give.
I can forgive ignorance, excuse incompetence, and contain bureaucracy and the price of democracy that have all joined forces to prevent the production and export of this gas. Thus far, we have lost an abundance of money. But I cannot stand stinginess. For five years, we have been sticking our finger in our collective eye, just to ensure that Tshuva doesn’t profit from his investment.
“It is our gas!” cry the witch-hunters. Every reporter, publicist and populistic MK have suddenly morphed into Robin Hood – robbing the rich to give to the poor.
But if they are so right, why aren’t they running to sign up for franchises in close to half the potential drilling areas that remain? Dear Robin Hoods, wealth awaits you. Go out and drill and give your profits to the poor. After all, the gas belongs to all of us…
What? You can’t drill? Only Tshuva can drill?
Exactly. Because robbers cannot produce. All they know how to do is to rob.
That is why Communism collapsed. That is why the Islamic-based states (the culture of surrender to the strong, in which no middle class exists) never succeeded.
If success is not admired, nothing grows! That is a fact of life.
During Operation Defensive Shield, I asked the Chief of Staff to define Israel’s enemy.
He did not know how to answer.
But now we have the answer.
It is not the Hamas.
It must be Yitzchak Tshuva.

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