Tuesday, July 14, 2015

No Negotiations with Terrorists

By Moshe Feiglin

I salute Simcha Goldyn, father of Hadar Goldyn, May G-d avenge his blood, who was killed in last year’s war in Gaza and whose body was snatched by the Hamas. In a Friday interview on Israel’s Channel 2 TV, the elder Goldyn was asked about the prices that Israel should pay for the return of the bodies of two of its fallen soldiers. Goldyn answered that the public discourse should be about what price the enemy should pay for continuing to hold the bodies. He said that Israel must define who its enemies are and added that the discussion on what Israel should pay serves the enemy.

Israel should not negotiate with the Hamas.
If we want peace we must end the war. To end the war, Israel must win.
These are simple concepts. The number of mothers crying for their murdered sons as a result of the release of terrorists in the Shalit deal is nearing 100 and will continue to rise.
Before the Oslo Accords, I used to do the annual safety test for my car in Gaza. It was impossible to mistakenly cross the border, because there was no border. It was like doing a test in  Yarcha. Actually, it was even safer.
We must get off the Oslo path and return to the point at which we lost our way. We must turn Gaza in to a mixed Jewish-Arab city like Jaffa.
And a word about the mentally unstable Jewish Ethiopian immigrant, Mangistu, who entered Gaza and is apparently being held there:
Israel owes much more to a mentally ill person than to a healthy person who chooses to do dubious business with the Hizballah. Nonetheless, when Ashkenazi, secular Israeli  Elchanan Tannenbaum did just that, the secular Ashkenazi elites rallied around him. The picture of the curly-haired officer in sunglasses was published throughout the media and then- PM Sharon exerted heavy pressure on the government ministers to implement the deal with Hizballah for Tannenbaum’s release. Today, it is said that it was necessary to release Tannenbaum because of sensitive information to which he was privy.
I do not buy that story. By the time he was released, the dubious Tannenbaum had already been held by the Hizballah for a considerable amount of time. It is unreasonable to assume that he had not already revealed information that could have helped him.
Israel should not have paid any price at all for Tannenbaum and it should not do so for Mangistu. The claims of discrimination against the immigrants from Ethiopia must be addressed, but they are not part of this issue.

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