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The Shamrak Report: Israel Can Change the Status Quo

In response to the Temple Mount terror attack Israel took three unusual steps:
The first was expected, closing the Temple Mount to everyone as police investigated the attack, including if any Waqf officials aided the terrorists in conveying and hiding the terrorists’ weapons on the Temple Mount.
The second, was detaining the Jerusalem Mufti for incitement, and arresting three suspicious Waqf officials.
The third move Israel took was to shut down the Old City on Friday to non-resident Muslims...
But, despite the official outrage, demands, threats and pleas by Jordan, the Waqf, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority to reopen the Temple Mount, there was no explosions, no protests, and no riots by the general Muslim population in Israel in response to the closure of the Temple Mount and the Old City of Jerusalem...
The police also announced they will be changing the security arrangements on the Temple Mount, installing metal detectors and cameras, a move Jordan and the Palestinian Authority have refused to accept in the past...
Israel can and should finally act like the sovereign entity on the Temple Mount, and the police can finally discard their irrational fear of what the Muslims may or may not do in response...
The obvious conclusion is that prayer arrangements can and must be changed so that Jews can also receive their fair share of exclusive time and freedom of worship on the Jewish people’s holiest site, without being harassed and watched by the Waqf and other Islamic provocateurs. (Netanyahu said he plans to gradually reopen the Temple Mount to all visitors on Sunday afternoon. He also promised to maintain the so-called status quo. He is not leader of Jewish people – the gutless wimp must go!)
Amid deadly Temple Mount terror attack, Netanyahu resists calls to change status quo. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fended off the calls with a blunt statement from his office, saying, “The status quo will be protected.”
Police now believe that the weapons used in Friday’s Temple Mount terror attack were hidden in the holy site days ahead of the attack. The police are investigating if the terrorists received any inside help, specifically from Waqf officials, who may have hidden the weapons, two Carl Gustav machine guns, a pistol and knives.
Israel reopened an ultra-sensitive holy site on Sunday, closed after an attack that killed two policemen, but Muslim worshippers were refusing to enter due to new security measures including metal detectors and cameras. “We reject the changes imposed by the Israeli government,” Sheikh Omar Kiswani, Al Aqsa director, told reporters outside. “We will not enter through these metal detectors.”
Hundreds gathered in an Umm el-Fahm cemetery on Sunday evening as the three terrorists responsible for Friday’s deadly terror attack near the Temple Mount were buried. The three terrorists, all of whom were residents of Umm el-Fahm, were praised at a special memorial ceremony held at the local mosque they attended. "All we know about them is that they served the religion of Allah faithfully,” the preacher said. "...The Prophet taught us that one who goes out to worship Allah and is killed is considered a martyr.” “Our heads are lifted up by the fighting of young Palestinians who are still fighting in the name of the people.”
FOOD for THOUGHT by Steven Shamrak

For quite a while the Western governments have been vigorously opposing people’s negative attitude to Islamic-Terrorism. They had even invented new term - Islamophobia! At the same time, there are no real efforts to fight new wave of anti-Semitism, ‘inspired’ by the new arrivals. Muslim anti-Semites found fertile ground among traditional Jew-haters!

Three Israeli Arab terrorists killed two police officers on Friday morning in a terrorist shooting attack on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The terrorists walked from INSIDE the Temple Mount to Lion's Gate after prayers and walked towards the Old City's Lions Gate, seeing the police officers the terrorists fired, and then ran back towards the mosques on the Temple Mount. Terrorists were all Israeli citizens. (Nothing has changed! Arab League scolds Israel for Temple Mt. closure, failing to mention the attack. The PA incites terrorism against Israel/Jews and Arabs everywhere are happy about it!)

Settlements are no Longer the Obsession!

Since Donald Trump moved into the White House, the international community’s single-issue hyper-focus on Israeli settlements would seem to have been consigned to a past era. Even the Europeans, who haven’t substantially changed their policies regarding settlements, have toned down their criticism. Obama bet everything on Israel ceasing settlement expansion, but the current White House has made it just one of many issues, leaving Ramallah no choice but to acquiesce.
The widow of deceased Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat said that it is time for the region’s Arabs to recognize the state of Israel. “We need to clearly express the recognition of Israel; no one can doubt its existence.” However, she did not say whether she believed Israel has a right to exist only that it does exist. (Wow! Have they stopped paying her a multi-million dollar pension?)
Personal Popularity First
Labor party's popularity soars in first polls after Avi Gabbay wins Labor party leadership, overtakes Yesh Atid. Advantage that Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid party has enjoyed over the Labor Party under the leadership of Yitzhak Herzog has disappeared, and that the battle for the leadership of Israel's left-wing bloc is wide open once again. The centrist Kulanu party, headed by Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, has also lost ground since to Labor since Gabbay's victory. (Avi Gabbay, the man who came out of nowhere‏, joined Labor about six months ago. There are too many political parties in Israel, driven mainly by personal ego and corruption, not policies! Many of them share similar platforms, but would not join together!) 
According to the survey, 65 percent believe anti-Jewish hatred is a serious problem, with 24% saying it’s “very serious”, while 32% attribute it to anti-Jewish hatred. The Jewish civil rights group’s annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents found 541 reported anti-Semitic incidents in the first four months of the current year, including 380 episodes of harassment, 161 bomb threats to Jewish institutions and 155 cases of anti-Jewish vandalism.
Quote of the Week:
“While I agree with you (Steven) that Netanyahu must be replaced, I am sorry to say that there is no one in the Likud that would do what must be done to put Israel back on the right track and off the Oslo suicide plan.  Erdan, Elkin, Katz and Levin are all complicit with what Netanyahu is doing.  They are more interested in keeping their jobs than doing what is right. It is not just an alternative to Netanyahu that is needed, but an alternative to the whole leftist (modern anti-Zionist) ideology that has been running Israel for decades, no matter who is in power in the Knesset.  The Likud continues to implement the policies of the left because they do not have an alternative...” - Jeffrey Cohen, reader’s reply – Israel has leadership problem and lack of coherent national plan of freeing Jewish land from occupation by enemies. Recycling the old unworkable ideas of so-called peace initiatives, imposed on Israel by enemies and ‘friends’, will not bring peace but terror and the loss of Jewish lives!
Israel’s Security Cabinet has stalled a decision on whether or not to transfer a small portion of land from Area C in western Samaria! Israel’s Security Cabinet met to debate and vote on what’s being called the “Qalqilya Plan”; a series of land transfers from Area C (under full Israeli control) in Judea and Samaria to PA cities, facilitating the expansion of those cities. The plan, which is being pushed by Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman (Yisrael Beytenu) would also permit the construction of some 14,000 housing units in Qalqilya, roughly doubling the size of the PA-controlled city. It was decided to temporarily freeze the proposal. 
The plan as a “reward for terror”! Qalqilya sits next to a major Israeli highway at the country’s narrowest point, just 15 kilometers (nine miles) from the Mediterranean Sea. 
Jewish Israelis in Judea and Samaria wonder why their own communities are in deep freeze, while Israel is discussing plans to build thousands of housing units in Qalqilya.
Following consultation with ministers, after the terrorist attack in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s Office issued a statement confirming that the status quo (at the holy places) will be preserved.(How many traitors, like Liberman, in the government and for how long will Israel tolerate?)
According to Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Cabinet Member Ze'ev Elkin, the plan will not be approved, not only because it does not have a majority in the cabinet, but because of the simple fact that it makes no sense to allow the Hamas-controlled city to control Route 6 and cities in the Sharon region.

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