Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Palestinian Terror Party: Celebrating Murder

by Bassam Tawil

  • The Palestinians do not even feel the need to condemn terror attacks against Jews, because the international community is no longer demanding that they come out against terrorism.
  • Instead of condemning the murder, the Palestinian Authority has been condemning Israel for launching a manhunt for the terrorists.....
  • Why do the Palestinians not want anyone to call them out? Because they are planning ... a new intifada.
Mahmoud Abbas. The PA leader is happy a Jew was murdered, but outraged at U.S. officials who called him out on his failure to condemn terrorism. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.
What do the Palestinians think about the murder of a young rabbi and father of six? They "welcome" it with open arms.
So what if Rabbi Raziel Shevach was said to have maintained good relations with his Palestinian neighbors?
The Palestinians are still happy that he was gunned down last week as he was driving his car in the northern West Bank. They are happy because the victim was a Jew. They are happy because the victim held a religious position: Rabbi. They are happy because the victim was a "settler."
The fact that Rabbi Shevach was the father of six children does not faze the Palestinians one bit.

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