Friday, March 15, 2013

"Free Jonathan Pollard" Bike Trek with Moshe Feiglin

Friday, 4 Nissan, 5773/ March 15, '13
"Free Jonathan Pollard" Bike Trek with Moshe Feiglin
from Latrun to US Consulate in Jerusalem

Join Moshe Feiglin this Friday, 4 Nissan/March 15 for a bike trek, 28 km from Latrun to the US consulate in Jerusalem. In front of the consulate, we will call upon the US president to free our brother, Jonathan Pollard. The twenty eight kilometers reflect the 28 years that Jonathan has been suffering in prison.

We will be leaving at 7 am sharp from Eshtaol junction, exit from route 38 to route 395. (See map below for exact route.) The route is on paved roads.

For those few people who cannot ride their bikes fast uphill for 28 kilometers in the heat, you can meet up with Moshe and the other riders along the way, or at Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem at about 12 pm. (See map).

Remember, this is a tough trek and it's supposed to be very hot on Friday. Safety and hydration are the responsibility of the participants. Bring lots of water and high spirits. We look forward to seeing you!

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