Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Moshe Feiglin on the Temple Mount

Moshe Feiglin went up to the Temple Mount for his monthly on Monday, March 4th. This is what he wrote about his visit on his Facebook  page:

In the introduction to his book "Har Habayit" Rabbi Shlomo Goren, zatza"l, writes: "There is no doubt that in a case such as this, when there is the danger that non-Jews will take control of Mount Moriah, it is permissible to even enter the azarah so as not to afford the non-Jews any type of affinity on G-d's mountain; for the ascent of Jews on the Mount under these circumstances is considered conquering and possession and the prevention of foreigners from taking control of it."

From the moment that I became a Knesset Member, a representative of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel - I felt that Rabbi Goren's words obligate me to enter every place on the Temple Mount. This morning, I did so and did not even begin to imagine how right I was. It turns out the Dome of the Rock (which is not a mosque) was closed to Jews and tourists two years ago. "Only Moslems can enter," said the wakf guard when I courteously asked to enter. I explained to the police officer there that according to law, it is prohibited to prevent a Knesset Member entry into any place - and certainly not in a place where entry is permitted to other citizens. The officer's reply was astonishing: "This place belongs to the Moslem wakf."

He said it. The innermost heart of the Land of Israel, the site of the Holy of Holies, has effectively been given over to Moslem sovereignty - simply because Jews do not enter there due to its holiness.

As a Knesset Member, I am obligated to actualize Israel's sovereignty on the Temple Mount. Until approximately two years ago, anybody could freely enter the Dome of the Rock (which is not a mosque). Now it is closed to anyone who is not a Moslem. Unsupervised construction is taking place within the building, which covers the Foundation Stone, the holiest of places for the Jewish people. Construction beams have even been placed on the Foundation Stone. It is for this very reason that I have immunity as a Knesset Member - so that I can investigate what is taking place in places that are off limits to the public. The most astonishing part of my experience on the Temple Mount was when the police officer who would not allow me into the Dome of the Rock insisted that the holiest place in the world for the Jews belongs to the Moslems. I do not plan to give up on restoring Israeli sovereignty to the Temple Mount.

Israel National News:
MK Feiglin Explains Attempt to Enter Dome of the Rock
"I am not calling on Jews to begin making pilgrimage to the location of the Temple itself," MK wrote.
By Gil Ronen
First Publish: 3/4/2013, 12:26 PM

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