Sunday, March 10, 2013

Manhigut Yehudit's NY Dinner: Still Making Waves

Shushan Purim's Manhigut Yehudit Annual NY Dinner was so enjoyable that a number of people took the time to write to us. Here are some of their comments:

(Pictured: L-R: Enjoying the evening are Nachum Segal of JM in the AM radio, Moshe and Joey Bodner of Main Event Caterers)

"It was the best Manhigut Yehudit event I ever attended. I thought Moshe was sharper than ever!" – 
Yishai Fleisher, radio host of the popular Yishai Fleisher Show

"Great memories from the evening, which was terrific" 
– Helen Freedman, President of AFSI

"The evening was well organized, fun and exciting" – Phil Slepian, Elizabeth, NJ

"I am so glad my son and I were able to be at the dinner" – Carolyn Makovi (who drove 5 hours each way from Silver Spring, MD to attend the dinner with her son)

Thank you to all our wonderful friends and supporters who helped to make this dinner the success that it was.

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