Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Torah Thought for Parashat Eikev


By Rabbi Chaim Richman
International Director 
The timing of Eikev this week is no coincidence: The EU boycott, aggressive American diplomacy; pressure brought upon Israel to release terrorists and reports that negotiations must be based on Israel's commitment to withdraw to the 1967 'borders. In the midst of this madness, Parashat Eikev arrives like a telegram. Stop trampling Eretz Yisrael underfoot, and taking it for granted! There are no "negotiations" to give this land away! Perhaps we will say in our heart, "These nations are more numerous than I!" But Hashem promises at this very time: "No man shall stand up against you!" 

'Eikev' means the heel of the foot. The Midrash states that we are cautioned to be careful to observe even those mitzvot that we tend to "trample underfoot;" taking them for granted. Our parasha praises the Land of Israel, above all else: "For Hashem your G-d is bringing you to a good land…you will lack nothing there… the eyes of Hashem are always upon it… Hashem will drive out all these nations from before you… Every place where the sole of your foot will tread shall be yours…No man will stand against you…He will set your terror and fear on the entire face of the earth." 

Much more on this in Rabbi Richman’s video:

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