Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Turning to the Religion of Peace for Peace Talks

By Tuvia Brodie

The world is worried. It wants peace. But it can’t get it. The reason: Israel and those damn Jews just won’t sign up for peace.
Of course, some Jews aren’t so troublesome. J Street, Reform Jewish leaders and Peace Now embrace peace. They want  Israel to give the Arab what he wants. They cheer when United States Secretary of State John Kerry pressures Israel to surrender Judea-Samaria.
Unfortunately, Israel doesn’t get the message. Why not?  What part of ‘peace’ doesn’t Israel understand?
It’s frustrating. But there is a solution. Israel’s leaders aren’t  stupid. They can change. They can even learn everything they need for peace right here in Israel—in Jerusalem. All they  need do is go up to the Temple Mount.
That’s right—the Temple Mount. That’s where they will learn about peace in the Middle East—from the religion of peace, Islam.
Lessons are given every Friday. Friday is Muslim prayer day. In Jerusalem, Muslims can pray at the Temple Mount. Jews cannot do that. Judaism is not the religion of peace.
If a Jew goes up to the Temple Mount and even suggests he is praying, he will be arrested. If he bows, he is arrested. But if you belong to the religion of peace, you can bow as much as you like. You can pray as much as you like. You can even use a loudspeaker to tell the whole world about your religion.
For example, consider Friday, July 12, 2013. A prayer day, it was also Ramadan. Ramadan is a month-long expression of religious commitment for Muslims. It calls upon Muslims to honour their religion through fasting and increases in charity-giving, prayer and study of the Quran. It’s why thousands of Muslims gathered on the Temple Mount on that Ramadan Friday. They gathered to celebrate what their religion believes in.  
Fortunately for us, the Middle East Media Research Institute  has published a videotape of that gathering.  You can find the video at memritv.org. It’s called, ‘Pro-Morsi demonstration at Al-Aksa mosque: US, Britain, France to be destroyed, Rome to be conquered, July 12, 2013’.
On that video, we see a crowd standing shoulder-to-shoulder in bright sunlight—a sea of humanity swaying in the sun. They respond to speakers by repeating what they hear—line by line, turning words into a chant. It looks exciting. Their religion of peace inspires them.
The language of the unnamed speakers in this video is simple. Their speaking cadence encourages the crowd’s repetition. Here is an abbreviated sample:
Alah Akhbar. May America be destroyed.
Alah Akhbar. May France be destroyed.
Alah Akhbar. May Rome be conquered.
Alah Akhbar. May Britain be destroyed.
We warn you, oh America.
Take your hands off the Muslims.
Take your hands off the Muslims.
You have wreaked havoc in Syria, and before that,
In Afghanistan and Iraq--
and now in Egypt.
Who do you think we are, America?
We are the nation of Islam--a giant and mighty nation which extends from East to West.
Soon, we will teach you a political and military lesson, alah willing.
Alah Akhbar. All glory to alah.
Alah Akhbat. All glory to alah.
Oh, Obama, Listen up.
The Caliphate shall return.
The Caliphate shall return.
Our nation will never kneel in submission.
The Caliphate shall return.
Oh, Obama, listen up.
Our nation will never be humiliated.
The Caliphate is the solution.
We are the nation of the best men.
We want to cleanse it of the impure.
We want to cleanse it of the impure.
Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews.
The army of Mohammed will return. (Mohammed’s army massacred the Jews of Khaybar in the seventh century)
Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews,
The army of Mohammed will return.
Sounds musical, doesn’t it?  You can feel how the speakers  encourage responsive chanting.  The language tells a simple story and the chanting reinforces that story: the religion of peace is not about peace.
John Kerry, Barack Obama and the European Union demand peace for the Arab. The Arab, meanwhile, chants for his religion of conquest. No one objects. It’s a good deal for the Arab.
We should learn from the Arab. As peace talks begin, we should proclaim Israel to be a nation of peace. Then we should attack the Arab for warmongering.
We should be as aggressive as the Arab: as a nation of peace, Israel should demand preconditions. There will be no negotiations with anyone with Charters that call for our destruction. We will not negotiate with anyone whose religious leaders preach that Muslims kill Jews.
We should ask: who does the Arab think he is? Jews are G-d’s Chosen.
We should demand: what has G-d given to the Arab? He gave Jews Torah and Israel.
We should create songs of Zion and sing of Zion. We should create reality TV--to show the true ugliness of Arab hate.
We can learn a lot from the religion of peace.

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