Monday, July 22, 2013

Feiglin: No "Palestinian Nation"

Av 15, 5773, 22/07/13 03:53
Likud MK says Israel is losing its own legitimacy by acknowledging “Palestinian” rights to the Jews' land.
Gil Ronen

As “peace talks” between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are set to restart, MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud) says it is the proponents of the supposedly pragmatic “two state solution” who are the truly delusional ones.

“The very recognition that there is a 'Palestinian nation' that has rights in our country's heartland is a tragedy in and of itself,” Feiglin wrote Sunday. “When you recognize that a different nation has rights in your land, you lose your own legitimacy. When you surrender your sovereignty on the Temple Mount to the Muslim wakf and then you do not build at all in Jerusalem, which is what is happening now, you lose your legitimacy in Sderot, Tel Aviv and Holon. In universities in London and Paris they are already explaining that there is no legitimacy for a Jewish state anywhere in the world. That is the result of these rounds of talks.

"Rivers of blood"

Feiglin is well-known for his in-your-face brand of politics.
On Wednesday, in response to a speech by a left-wing MK, he declared,
"I am one of those delusional types you spoke about, I am one of those dreamers, those delusional types, those dangerous extremists.”

Feiglin pointed to the Menorah symbol on the Knesset podium and asked: “Do you see this Menorah here? This is the Menorah of the Temple here. See? I do not forget it. It is the reason for my being here. I want it to be rekindled, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. I am a dangerous delusional dreamer type.

"I know of another delusional dreamer,” he said, and pointed to the portrait of Theodor Herzl, which also hangs in the plenum. “Do you know what he wrote in his book, Altneuland? That he wants a Temple. What will you say about that?

Attempts to establish a two-state solution have exploded in the face of their initiators, Feiglin said, resulting in rivers of blood.

"The Arab nation has received 22 states,” he went on. “They are not enough for it. Now they are falling apart and you want to establish another state for it?”

"This is our Land because G-d gave it to us,” he said. While it is true that Jews – descendants of Isaac, and Arabs – who are descendants of Ishmael, share a common father in Abraham, Feiglin explained, “He bequethed the Land of Israel to the lady of the house, and gave the son of the maidservant gifts and sent him to Saudi Arabia.

"This is our land, and it is all mine,” he stated. “I am not willing to give up a single grain of sand.”

Feiglin said that while the leftists forced Jews out of their homes in exchange for compensation – he is offering Arabs incentives to leave the land without forcing them to do so. The ones who remain, he said, can receive all the rights accorded to residents, without receiving citizenship.

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