Friday, July 05, 2013

World War Three: the Copycat War

By Tuvia Brodie

The next war could be World War Three. If that happens, it won’t be original.  It will be a copycat war. It will be a Muslim war derived from Adolph Hitler.

But in one way, this War will be different. It won’t be confined to faraway places. It will come to the streets of America.

Don’t forget 9/11. Don’t forget the 2013 Boston Marathon.

They’re part of the run-up to World War Three: the Muslim War.

Hitler gets credit for starting this War because he gave it its distinctive DNA. He created the War’s vocabulary. He showed how a leadership can dehumanize and then exterminate large populations.

It’s not unusual to think of a World War having multiple causes and extended start-up times. For example, some say that World War One (1914-1918) was caused by events as far back as the 1870’s. Others argue that World War Two traces back to events occurring between 1920 -1935. Still others argue that, whatever the causes, both World Wars are really two halves of one extended conflict-- a modern thirty-year war.

World War Three will be all-the-above. It won’t be free-standing. It won’t just ‘start’; and it will be part of a modern media-driven War-Against-the-Jew that began with Hitler and continues with the Muslim.

Say what you want about Tanach (Jewish Bible), Hitler and Muslim Jew-hate, the Jewish G-d does record in Tanach that some kind of War will precede the Jewish Final Redemption. Muslims must be reading that Tanach. They can’t stop talking about conquering the Jew.

Look at how Muslims copy-cat Hitler. Arab propaganda is not just similar to Nazi propaganda; it is Nazi propaganda, using the same cartoons, imagery and text.  That’s not coincidence; and it may also not be coincidence that the Muslim moral war against Israel uses the same vocabulary that post-World War One Germans used against the Treaty of Versailles.

The Treaty of Versailles was supposed to have been a peace agreement.  But Germans hated it. They said it had been forced upon them. They said it was unjust.

That’s the same language Muslims use against Israel. You think this is coincidence?

Think again: according to at least one historian (A.J.P. Taylor, The Origins of the Second World War, 1963, pp. 7-36), the problem the Allies faced after WW1 was the same problem they faced before WW1: a German worldview which declared that Germany had been victimized by injustice foisted upon them by others (ibid, p.32). Hitler built his power on that sense of injustice. The Germans of 1920-33 saw themselves as victims; that sense on victimization drove them to start a world war. Today’s Muslims have the same self-image, the same vocabulary and the same drive.

Pre-World War One Germans and today’s Muslims have a lot in common: both have argued that their enemies were immoral.  Both have sought to ‘recover’ lost land. Both have sought to restore lost glory. Both have sought ‘justice’.

Both have advocated ‘resistance’ against their enemies. Both have relied upon an almost psychotic anti-Semitism.

Finally, Germans created poison-gas showers to kill Jews. Muslims created suicide bombers for the same purpose.

These are not accidental similarities. Hitler sought to create a great colonial Empire in Eastern Europe by defeating Soviet Russia, exterminating all its inhabitants, and then planting the vacant territories with Germans (ibid, p.10). The Muslim seeks to create a Caliphate in Israel by defeating the Jew, cleansing the land of Jews and then planting the vacant territories with ‘Palestinian refugees’.

The link between Nazi Germany and this Muslim war is Haj Amin al-Husseini (1893/4-1974), who agitated against Jews  for more than forty years. He is the link because he spearheaded the courtship of Hitler. He practically begged Hitler to bring the Nazi extermination machine to Palestine, to make Palestine Judenrein.

Then, as Hitler’s dream ended in fiery destruction, al Husseini’s dream became ever more shrill. He wouldn’t give up his hate. He stoked it with a religious passion.

The language of al-Husseini, Hitler and today’s Muslim is the same. The goals of all three are the same—territorial conquest and killing Jews. 

Today, thousands of Muslims dream of killing infidels (remember Boston) without qualm or question just as thousands of Germans killed for Hitler. Just as Hitler bears responsibility for destroying German democracy, creating concentration camps and executing mass exterminations (ibid, p.27), so too Muslims destroy Arab democracy, create ‘refuge’ camps where their own people are essentially imprisoned in brutal conditions, and call for the killing of Jews (read Hamas speeches).

Hitler’s war isn’t over. It never ended. Muslims copy it. They want to finish the job Hitler started—and they’ll start World War Three to do it.

Muslims dream to exterminate Israel. They dream a Nazi dream of conquest and control—all in the name of their god. They call this dream their religious Destiny.

One day, we might call it World War Three.

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