Friday, July 19, 2013

The Way to Rebuild the Temple

A Torah Thought for Parashat Vaetchanan
By Shmuel Sackett

International Director, Manhigut Yehudit
This past Sunday was the 13th zahrzeit of the great Slonimer Rav known as "The Netivot Shalom".

In his piece on Tisha B'Av he stated that all Rabbis agree that "Sinat Chinam" (baseless hatred) was the reason for the destruction of the 2nd Temple and that we are still being punished for this today.

REALLY? Who gets punished for 2,000 years?

And furthermore: While hatred between Jews is not good, the Torah does not list this as a sin with capital punishment or even one where the sinner receives lashes – so why be so strict?

His answer will shock you.

The Slonimer writes that this was not a punishment at all.

The Holy Temple can simply NOT exist when there is hatred between Jews! Unity is a MUST for this supernatural structure to stand and without it, the building simply crumbles to the ground.

Therefore, if there is no Temple today – it is not because of a 2,000 year old punishment.

It is because of infighting, squabbling and disagreements between G-d's chosen people, which causes a break between Heaven and earth.

In these days after Tisha B'Av – if you REALLY want to see that 3rd Temple NOW – make sure there is peace and harmony between all Jews – the sooner the better!

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