Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Feiglin Votes His Conscience to do the Best for Israel

By Rob Muchnick

(Editor's note: This is a letter addressed to Susie Dym and her her absurd academy awards list for best right wing politicians, whose questionnaire Moshe refused to fill out as explained in the previous post on the Battered Wife Syndrome).
Hi Susie,
I don’t know if you wrote that Zev Elkin is ‘the best’, but he received your highest rating and Moshe was somewhere behind him.
And ‘our people’ take your list to the voting booths and vote for your lists.
Unfortunately, I don’t think that your criteria are the best criteria.
Moshe is the only one who votes his conscience to do the right thing for Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael and Hashem on every vote. All of the others play politics.
If you know of ANY other MKs who voted against the coalition on any of these 5 bills, please let me know, as I will be happy to know that there are other MKs who have some degree of Jewish Pride in addition to some degree of courage.
It is hypocritical in my book for MKs to refuse to stop the terrorist release by holding up the budget (which was easily doable) and then for these same MKs to go to protests against the release of these same animals. Pure hypocrisy and the playing of politics. They are simply happier to have their warm Knesset seats and all the money and prestige that comes with it than with doing the right thing.
These MKs are like the Hesder Rabbis who told their students to not oppose the Expulsion. They said this because they figured it would happen anyway, and if they opposed the government, maybe Sharon will shut down their little yeshiva.  There is no difference. Only 2 of all the Hesders had Rabbis who told the kids to oppose the Expulsion! What a shame!
Do you know about the Bayit Yehudi MK who ran out of the Knesset hall to avoid voting on the Jerusalem bill and he actually went and grabbed multiple Labor MKs in the cafeteria and told them to go back inside and vote to kill the bill?  Would you like his name?
And the other BY MK who said that Feiglin is a ‘strange bird’ because he votes the right way instead of ‘being a team player’?  Would you like her name?
If every coalition MK was as strange a bird as Feiglin, we wouldn’t have to worry about giving away any of the Land of Israel or worrying about releasing Jew-murdering scum.
We might even be on our way to perfecting the world in the Kingdom of the Almighty!
All the best,


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