Sunday, January 19, 2014

Israel, the Jewish Ghetto

By Tuvia Brodie

Israel has six million Jews. About seventy years ago, Hitler murdered six million of us. Now a new six million live here. We are the world’s only Jewish State.
We should be proud. We are alive. We have returned to ancestral homeland. We fulfill Biblical prophecy. We have achieved much in science, medicine and technology. There is now more Torah in Israel, we are told, than in any other country in the world.
But we are not proud. We are not confident. We fight a war that many assure us we cannot win. We fight an enemy that is confident it will destroy us.
Once, we survived Hitler. Now our future is no longer assured.
Once, Hitler tried to eradicate us. He failed. Now a new enemy rises. Like Hitler before him, this enemy grows strong by being brazen. He, too, wants to eradicate us.
We are attacked at the United Nations. We are attacked on college campuses. We are attacked on our highways.
The United States has promised that if we do not yield to Arabs who hate us, we will be ‘isolated on steroids.’ The European Union has threatened that if we do not yield to those Arabs it will implement a crushing boycott against us.
No one promises us a future. Those promises are made to Arabs who hate us.
Arabs publish maps of their new ‘Palestine’. Their new State replaces Israel. ‘Palestine’ is pictured where Israel is today. Quite literally, ‘Palestine’ erases Israel from the map.
Arabs want our state. They want our future. They want that future to be Jew-free.
Arabs demonize us on TV. They teach their pre-school children to kill Jews.
The EU and the US see the Arab hate.  They hear it. They cannot avoid it. But they are arrogant.
They turn against Israel. They call us intransigent for not complying with Arab demands.
It is not intransigence that keeps us from yielding to these Arabs. It is a refusal to die that keeps us from yielding.
Our refusal makes the US and EU angry. They don’t care about our fears. They don’t care about our lives. They don’t care about our security.
They want us to yield.
Our future is not assured. Our land is not assured. Our survival is not assured.
The US and the EU demand we sign a ‘peace’ treaty to end the Arab-Israel conflict. They say it will be a peace to end all war between Arab and Jew.
How will the US and EU know if Israel has signed a ‘proper’ enough peace treaty? They’ll know if the Arabs say so.
So if Arabs sign a ‘peace’ with Israel and then complain that Israel has cheated, what will the US and EU do? Based on past performance, we know what the EU will do. They’ll blame Israel. They’ll threaten Israel with their massive boycott.
The US will remain silent.
If Mahmoud Abbas gets what he wants, we will no longer be Israelis. Our national identity will be cancelled. We will no longer live in our own sovereign State. We will become what we have always been: Jews who are controlled, manipulated and, ultimately, murdered by those who hate us.
Our identity will be lost. Our homeland will be taken from us.
Today, the nations see us once again as Jews of Germany 1935; they can see what’s ahead but deny it will happen. Once again, we face a ‘Final Solution’. Once again, we are the Jews of shtetl Europe surrounded by oceans of hate.
Israel loses its sovereignty. It becomes a ghetto.
Once again ghettoized, we cower. We assume a ghetto mentality. We refuse to upset the powerful. We give right-of-way on the sidewalk to our enemy. We fear our enemy’s friend. We fear the friend of our enemy’s friend.
US Secretary of State John Kerry writes our future for us. We see the handwriting. We have seen that handwriting before.  The ink is Jewish blood. The words demand Jewish treasure.
We are at war. Our leaders say they understand this. They tell us they chart a course to safety.
Our leaders look strong. Then they bow before those who are indifferent to our survival. They teach us to cower in our ghetto.
It is, they say, the best they can do. We have, they tell us, no other choice.
Really? We have no other choice but to yield to those who hate us?
We are not an ordinary nation. We are not like everybody else. We are G-d’s Holy people. We are G-d’s beloved. We live on His land.
We have a choice.
And the first part of that choice; put in place leaders who fear Gd more than the EU, more than the Arabs, and more than our friends, the United States,

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