Thursday, September 17, 2015

Can You See the Divine Hand?

A Torah Thought for Parashat Vayelech 

By Moshe Feiglin

You do not need to be a great rabbi to sense the invisible hand that accompanies the Eternal Nation. We may have some tough questions for this hand: How much bitterness have You fed Your Nation?
The answers are weaker than the questions, so I will not get into them. But after all the questions, one clear fact remains: The Nation of Israel touches eternity. Whether we understand that or not, whether we live in ‘peace’ with our Father in Heaven or feel ‘angry’ at Him – He does not leave us. The covenant that the Creator made with our forefathers – a covenant that some attempt to deny – will exist for eternity.
And just as He brought us back to our Land contrary to all laws of history, so the words of His prophets will continue to be fulfilled. In these very days, we see how all the armies of the Arabs countries that threatened to destroy us are disappearing. Countries that planned to drive us out of our Land are turning to dust as we look on in amazement. One Divine Hand is doing it all. He will not loosen His hold on you and will not leave you. Do not fear and do not be afraid.
Shabbat Shalom and Gmar Chatimah Tovah.

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