Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Israel’s Left Needs Arab Approval at any Cost

By Moshe Feiglin

“Why is MK Zahlaka so scary to the Left when he accuses them of racism from the Knesset podium?” asked Moshe Feiglin in a Monday television interview.  “And what gives Abu Mazen the strength to threaten Israel with nullification of the Oslo Accords?”

Feiglin answered that both Zahlaka and Abu Mazen threaten the attempt to create an Israeli identity to replace Israel’s Jewish identity.
“The Oslo architects are the ‘Israeli’ who needs the Arab in order to forget that he is a Jew,” Feiglin explained. “The Left is dependent on Abu Mazen and  Zahlaka to reaffirm its Israeli-ness as opposed to its Jewishness. That is the secret of the success of the two.”
“The Oslo Accords were never meant to bring peace,” Feiglin asserted. “Even the Accords architect, Dr. Ron Pundak admitted as much before he passed away: ‘For me’, Pundak said, ‘peace is not the goal. The goal is Israelization of the State instead of its Judification,'” Feiglin quoted Pundak.
“In other words, Arafat, Abu Mazen and the rest of the terrorists were enlisted (for the sake of peace, of course) to win the identity struggle that is now being fought within Israeli society. The ‘Israelis’ have no intention of nullifying the Oslo Accords – despite the horrific price that it has cost – and continues to cost –  in human life,” Feiglin concluded.

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