Thursday, September 17, 2015

Moshe Feiglin’s Speech at the Zehut Founding Conference

Dear Friends,
I must admit that I am very moved. I have participated in quite a few events in my life and have made quite a few speeches. But when you begin to understand the depth of the crisis and upheavals facing Israel and the world; when you understand that what we are doing here this evening is laying the foundation for the only leadership that is capable of understanding reality and thus, for dealing with it; when you understand that – you understand that tonight’s event is formative; it is an historic event.
A New Leadership Movement: From Zionism of Existence to Zionism of Destiny
Make no mistake. This is not a group of a few hundred Israelis who have decided to form another political party. What is happening here tonight is nothing less than a revolution.
Tonight, we are founding a new leadership movement for the Nation of Israel. Tonight, we are founding the only leadership that has the tools to truly deal with the approaching tsunami – from within and without!
Tonight, we are creating national leadership that will bring the State of Israel from one era: Zionism of Existence, to a completely new era: Zionism of Destiny.
The Vision: Identity, Meaning, Liberty
Everything so sorely lacking in Israeli politics can be found in this movement. First and foremost, what we have completely forgotten:
We have vision!
Our vision includes:
Loyalty to our identity
A message of meaning
A battle for liberty.
True answers can only be found within this vision:
Answers based on liberty to deal with all our current challenges: Housing, education, cost of living, health and of course security and foreign relations.
Only those who have vision and know the answer to ‘why?’  can provide the true answers to ‘how’.
Without Destiny, Existence is Endangered
Seventy years ago, the crematoria of Europe were extinguished and our Nation began to rise from the ashes. The State of Israel’s first seventy years are also about to be completed.
There is no doubt that the State of Israel is a success story. It has realized the vision of the prophets and has been the conduit for the unequaled historical miracle in which all parts of the Nation of Israel have participated.
But it is specifically the physical success that has made us vulnerable to a gnawing, paralyzing weakness that threatens all the achievements of the Return to Zion.
From a physical standpoint, we have never been greater and stronger; both economically and militarily. But internally  – we have never been so weak.
Sometimes I feel that I should apologize to my children: I had so much fun growing up in this country. Israel was a country that radiated security and faith in the justice of its cause. What confusion and lowliness we are bequeathing the next generation – exactly at the most critical time!
Our parents, the generation of the War of Independence and  the Six Day War, the generation of the Yom Kippur War and Entebbe, gave us a state that stood proud. They gave us a state in which a drizzle in Sderot meant that autumn was coming – not rockets coming out of the sky.
Missiles on Tel Aviv? Who would ever have thought?
Our parents gave us a state in which there was no need for security guards at the entrance to every shopping mall and train station.
They gave us a state whose existence was not questioned by any cultured person in the world.
They gave us a state in which every soldier in uniform understood what he represented and nobody dared attack him.
They gave us a state that would immediately obliterate any entity developing nuclear weapons to destroy us – with no warning, no speeches and no lobbying the Congress.
Our parents gave us a state in which every young couple could afford housing; a state that no matter what school you attended, you emerged an Israeli patriot.
They gave us a state in which little girls could play hopscotch on the corner unguarded.
A state without  ‘protection’.
A state in which every Jew could walk freely – everywhere.
And what are we giving our children?
A threatened, helpless community that begs the world and the US air force for help?
A state that has lost its faith in the justice of its cause, a state that – more and more –  the world considers a mistake?
A state in which young couples can only dream of owning their own home.
A state in which the schooling falls far short of our potential.
A state in which parents are forced to guard their children while they play outdoors.
A state in which personal liberties are being eroded.
The world is not exactly waiting patiently while we return to ourselves. The entire old order is crumbling before our eyes.
ISIS is replacing the Arab states.
Nuclear ayatollahs set the world agenda.
Europe is quickly becoming Moslem.
America stands by those who attempt to destroy us.
Where is the leadership of old? Leadership that would know how to present a vision and strategy in the face of the existential challenges falling upon us?
This is the new leadership that we are building today, here in Tel Aviv.
No more state that flees its message
No more state that flees its meaning and history.
Today, we are heralding the connection of all of these to the liberty of man.
Dear friends,
The era of religious and non-religious is over!
The era of Right and Left is finished!
All the ridiculous molds that divided us time and again are a thing of the past.
The Israeli young people yearn for the meaning taken from them.
They crave to dig deeply into their identity and liberty.
Israel’s young people desire leadership that will give them all these things. Leadership that will truly solve:
The housing shortage, the collapsing educational system, the high cost of living –  leadership that will restore security to our streets.
We have all those gifts – and more – to give:
Housing: We know that liberty means that the land belongs to the citizens – not to the state. Land must be allotted by lottery to all army veterans in Israel.
The bureaucratic red tape must be cut and people must be allowed to build as they please on their land. And most important of all, we know that this is our Land and we should build throughout our country.
Education: We know how to truly solve the problem with education in Israel. Because we know that liberty means that we are responsible for the education of our children- not the State. The State will give vouchers to the parents of every child and the parents will decide where to redeem them.
Just imagine countless ‘boutique’ schools competing for your vouchers – just like the maternity wards compete for the social security funds that they receive for every new mother who gives birth in their hospital.
Every teacher will be a private tutor. And every student will be a king!
Cost of living: We know how to truly deal with the high cost of living and how to propel the economy forward. Simply, we must:
  • Open the Israeli market to competitive imports
  • Close the Standards Institute
  • Cut down the government mechanism to at least half
  • Nullify the tax on companies
  • Return the state payment for army veterans to social security
  • Stop funding our enemies.
War can never be over when the Israel Defense Force vocabulary does not include the word ‘victory’.
It is impossible to win when it is not clear who the enemy is (The rocket? The tunnel?  Terror?)
If you cannot figure out who you are, (A Jew? An Israeli? A citizen of an amorphous state?) you will clearly not discover who your enemy is. Maybe we were sent here by the UN?
Now we can understand that a person or country that has no identity will never enjoy peace.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen: Only Zehut will bring peace!
We have the answer to the ‘why’? And thus, we can provide all the answers to the ‘how’?!
Dear friends, now it is in our hands!
The energies, the people, the clear plan and the will and preparedness to lead are all in this hall. They are in no other place and so, the responsibility is on our shoulders. We have all the tools with which to bring about a true revolution.
We have a year – not more – to reach every corner of this country.
Now friends, it is in our hands. And we have good reason to be excited at the eve of the New Year. To be excited and to thank the Creator, Who has brought us to this momentous and historic time, in which we have merited  to establish leadership with vision for our Nation.
Shanah Tovah

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