Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Zehut Party Provides Vision for Israel’s Geo-Political Challenges

By Moshe Feiglin

While the process in Europe has unfolded from the bottom up, in the US, it begins at the top – from the President – and trickles down from there. In a long-term strategic exercise that perfectly fits his world-view, President Hussein Obama has bowed before Islam, opened all the ‘train stations’ to the ayatollahs and deposited economic power and nuclear capabilities in their hands. The Europeans can’t wait to get a slice of the pie.
As is common during a world crisis, the geo-political crisis goes hand-in-hand with an enormous economic crisis. One does not have to be a genius to understand that it is not just the diplomatic-security ground that is shaking up the nations of the world, but that the carpets that were thrown on the embers of the 2008 economic crisis are now starting to burn.
This disturbing and challenging situation demands leaders who can formulate a strategy to deal with the unfolding events; leaders who can turn the earthquakes and tectonic shifts into historical opportunity and unprecedented upgrade of the Zionist enterprise.
But although they are really good people, Ministers Steinitz and Ya’alon, the Chief of Staff and Head of the Mossad – prevented Netanyahu from facing off against Iran. Minister Aryeh Deri is currently preventing Netanyahu from effectively dealing with Israel’s natural gas windfall. All of them have their narrow worldview to protect. And Netanyahu maneuvers and maneuvers, speaking in Congress and speaking again.

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