Monday, September 07, 2015

Moshe Feiglin: Israel Must Not Open Gates to Syrian Refugees

“Why shouldn’t Israel take in the refugees?” Feiglin asked.  “Why shouldn’t we emulate Germany and other European nations that have opened their gates for these people? Shouldn’t Israel – the Jewish State – provide the world with an example of compassion?”
“The way we relate to the immigrants is the way we relate to ourselves and our identity. Those who see Israel as the Jewish State, wish to preserve this identity and to continue to consolidate the collective around it – are not willing to endanger it with waves of immigration bearing a different culture. Those people have already sacrificed a lot in the past and are willing to sacrifice even more in the future in order to absorb those who will become part and parcel of Israel’s Jewish Identity. But they are not willing to make sacrifices for those who endanger them,” Feiglin continued.
“Those who constantly seek to negate their Jewish identity, take advantage of the horrifying pictures  of the refugees to break the collective Jewish-identity will.
In order to perfect the world we must first be ourselves.  The person throwing a rope to the person drowning must be standing on solid ground.
Europe is committing suicide before our eyes. They rejected their identity in favor of individualism and that was their undoing. Israel really cannot afford to undergo the same process,” Feiglin concluded.

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