Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Disproportionate Response is Needed!

(Internet posting, author unknown, changes are made, courtesy of the Shamrack Report)
This is a time for solidarity and reflection, not politics. I can’t help thinking about what French president François Hollande said, following the recent horrific Islamist terror attacks in Paris
“This is an act of war. Our response will be merciless.”
Have I heard it right? Shouldn’t he say:
“Our response will be measured” or “Our response will be proportionate”, or 
“Our response will show restraint and regard for innocent Caliphate lives while at the same time acknowledging that the Islamic State may have some legitimate concerns that will need to be addressed”.
But I didn't hear that... None of it!
I didn't hear John Kerry calling for both France and ISIS to lay down their weapons and go to the negotiating table - as if they were equals.
I didn't hear the UN Security Council calling for an emergency session to pass a resolution condemning Francefor its “disproportionate” response, bombing a ISIS command center in Raqqa.
And the reason I did not hear any of that is because such a scenario during a war would be absurd, irrational and outrageous beyond measure.
People understand that, if indeed Hollande honours his promise, there will be civilian collateral damage. Not because France does not care about innocent lives, but because it is an integral part of Jihadi ideology to use women, children, the elderly and the infirm as human shields. There will undoubtedly be innocents in the Caliphate that will die as a result – and ISIS will use its social media machinery to publicize that. And yet, everyone (except for the many Jihadi-sympathizers in the far-Left) understands this is simply the tragic reality of war.
In a moment like this everyone understands that the citizens of France have rights to live in peace, and that its government has a moral duty and an obligation to protect its citizens, regardless of the cost.
In a moment like this everyone finally understands, unfortunately only momentarily, that Islamism is a cancer – and you don’t coexist with a cancer, you don’t appease a cancer, you don’t make goodwill gestures to a cancer and you don't sit at a negotiating table with a cancer. You destroy the cancer or the cancer destroys you.
In a moment like this everyone understands that the only way to defeat evil is to stand up to evil. 
Of course it that does not apply to Israel - any country but Israel
Regarding Israel common sense, logic and even international laws are disregarded and conveniently forgotten. Suddenly and quite predictably, the world understands nothing at all!

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