Thursday, December 31, 2015

Moshe Feiglin: Instead of Censoring Books, Let Parents Take Responsibility

“The debate over the Education Ministry’s disqualification of (leftist) Dorit Rabinian’s new book is ridiculous and even scary,” said Moshe Feiglin on Thursday. “Parents should determine the educational content and values that they wish to instill in their children – not the Big Brother Education Ministry,” Feiglin continued. “The State of Israel invests more in education than in security: About 4,500 NIS per month (including the education funds of local municipalities). And the result? Well…”

“Give the money (that you took from Israel’s citizens) to the parents in the form of vouchers worth 4,000 NIS per month per student,” Feiglin proposed.” Let talented teachers compete for those vouchers and earn 35,000 NIS per month for teaching a classroom of ten students. Let ‘boutique’ schools spring up in every corner and compete for the parents’ vouchers (like today’s hospital maternity wards, which are constantly upgrading and competing for ‘business’).”

Feiglin said that parents who want Rabinain should get Rabinian. Those who prefer Uri Tzvi Greenberg should get him. “Languages, math, science, music and Judaism, of course. All as per parental preference,” he added.

“Return the responsibility (and the money) to the parents and get real education for Israeli children,” Feiglin concluded.

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