Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Moshe Feiglin: New Mossad Chief Talented, but Party to Oslo Mentality

“When Israel’s Chief of Security Council, Yossi Cohen, came to the Knesset to explain why Israel continues to provide free electricity for Gaza”, said Moshe Feiglin on Tuesday, “he assured his listeners that the issue was being taken care of and that  Gaza would ultimately pay.”

“On the day that happens,” Feiglin reports that he responded to Cohen, “I will invite you to the restaurant of your choice for all you can eat.”
Feiglin says that Cohen took him up on his offer. “The next time that we met at the Knesset, he admitted that he owed me a meal,” said Feiglin.
Moshe Feiglin called Yossi Cohen “a very nice guy.” “I have no reason to doubt his professional capabilities and I wish him (and all of us) much success in his new position as the Mossad Chief,” Feiglin added. “But this short story highlights a simple fact: A person captive to the erroneous Oslo belief system – as talented and professional as he may be – is not capable of understanding the challenges Israel faces and dealing with them.”
“By the way, the free electricity ‘protection’ money adds up with the rest of the cost of the Oslo Accords to over one trillion shekels and counting,” Feiglin concluded. “This is more than all the anticipated income for Israel from its newly discovered natural gas.”

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