Monday, December 21, 2015

Moshe Feiglin: Investigate Shabak Torturers, Superiors and Justice System on Duma Case

"From the Shabak’s (Israel Security Service) evasive answer to claims by lawyers of the Duma detainees that they were severely tortured, it is completely clear that the claims are true,” said Moshe Feiglin on Sunday.

“ Under these conditions,” Feiglin continued, “any confession of these young boys is totally insignificant. All the detainees should be immediately released and compensated. The Shabak investigative team must be replaced.”

Feiglin proposed the appointment of an official Commission of Inquiry to examine how Israel’s justice system reached this low point. According to Feiglin, the Commission should be charged with investigating the torturers, their superiors and the entire system that authorized the horror.

“But due to the fact that the High Court Justice on the case is Salim Jubran, who looked the other way to allow the torture (this is the same judge who did not agree to sing Israel’s National Anthem) and he would likely head the Commission of Inquiry, I rescind my demand” Feiglin concluded.

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