Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Europe Tastes Normality of Israel Terror

(extracted from CNN articles)
A new normal shrouds Europe now!
The attacks in Belgium, France and Germany amplify anxieties over Brexit, Frexit, an unravelling of an order dictated by the European Union. 
The fabric of cohesion offering peace, prosperity and security patiently woven over decades suddenly feels like a paper bag in a summer storm. 
The ghastly execution of a priest in a Normandy church cinched the rope uncomfortably tighter.
The day before the murder of a French priest near Rouen, a rock concert in Germany was the target of a suicide bomber with allegiances to ISIS.
Europe's security services, particularly in the North, are struggling with precisely that same threat. No matter how many attacks they thwart, others are coming.
Across Europe several thousand young men and women have made their way to join ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The lessons learned there from the past two decades of terror camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan form the basis of an ISIS fighter's training. The alliances forged between jihadists become trusted international networks when they return home.
Be it Britain, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, to name but a few, all are barely gripping the new Jihadi threat. Finding a way for these EU nations to comprehensively tackle a mutual threat. A threat that sees no international borders, no difference between Paris and Brussels, Copenhagen and Berlin.
At a time of weakness, Europe faces its greatest threats in a generation. Only in unity shall we rise to the challenge. 
There is always a solution to any problem. But after decades of condemnation of Israel for its fight against Arab/Palestinian terror it is difficult for Europe to make the right choice: 
1) Stop migration from Arab/Muslim countries. 
2) Deport all Muslim criminals and terror suspects, including their families, from Europe to the countries of their origin!
In spite of the dramatic increase in number and brutality of Islamic terror attacks, most European countries are not able and willing to shake off their anti-Semitic tendencies and embrace as an equal the only true friend they could have in the Middle East – Israel!

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