Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Full Disclosure – Hillary’s Record on Israel


Having the word, “Jewish” as part of our masthead carries with it a deep sense of responsibility. It is there for a purpose. And as such we do all in our power to honestly educate, show support for and stand beside the Jewish community and Israel. Sadly, in this current upside down world a huge percentage of the media, electronic and print, are overtly and transparently biased, supporting the Progressive Left and their new entrenched partners, the world of radical Islam.. This fact terrifies us as well as it should both the American Christian and Jewish population. It is estimated that the power of the press has a huge effect on how people think and vote. We’ll guess that at least 3 percent of our nation’s vote can be traced to the sometimes, censored and frequently misleading news articles that are polluted by the editorializing media.

An open news conference during which reporters ask questions of candidates is kryptonite to Ms. Clinton. She avoids such openness with nary a word of complaint from the minions of the press. The format of facing multiple reporters, some hostile, with whom she can’t plan the questions thrown at her is not totally comfortable for Mrs. Clinton. A reason perhaps why she hasn’t held one for nearly 300 days running. Therefore, what we know about this Democrat contender for the White House has to come from her actions, behavior, relationships and statements over the years. Let’s focus in on her factual Jewish/Israel history that is never brought to light in the mainstream media. .
Way back in 1982 as president of the far left leaning NYC based New World Foundation, she supported the Yasser Arafat led Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) with $15,000. This was a time when the PLO was clearly committed to the extinction of Israel and excelled at terrorism against Israel and the slaughter of its citizens.
During a trip to Israel at a time when her New York senatorial campaign was targeted at ensnaring the Jewish vote she openly and without shame paid a visit to the Palestinian area to attend a speech given by Mrs. Suha Arafat during which the terrorist’s wife accused the Israelis of poisoning Palestinian women and children with the “daily use of toxic gases.” Images of Hillary embracing and kissing Suha after she made the charges are strangely never mentioned by the New York Times’ columnists nor pictured on any PBS documentary.
After jumping from her senate seat to become the Secretary of State and no longer needing NY Jewish voters’ support, she joined Obama’s ferocious campaign to force Israel to comply with Palestinian demands for the cessation of building homes for newly arrived Jewish refugees and to accept any and all suicidal plans for a two state solution. Her 45 minute telephone call in which she mercilessly bashed Prime Minister Netanyahu for his “stubborness” in standing up for Israel’s security is legend but never discussed by Chris Matthews.
Back in 2012, after the brutal Gaza-Israel war, in a highly controversial move, Secretary of State Clinton approved a $147 million economic support package to Gaza. And who controlled and still rules in that area? Hamas! This despite her earlier statement to the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee in April, 2009: “We will not deal with nor in any way fund a Palestinian government that includes Hamas unless and until Hamas has renounced violence, recognized Israel and agreed to follow the previous obligations of the Palestinian Authority.” Perhaps Tuesdays are her expiration days for Mondays’ statements.
During her primary campaign she figuratively slapped Netanyahu in the face by boycotting his address to a joint session of congress. Was she counting on Jews to forget or disregard this blatant act of arrogance against the democratically elected PM of Israel? Apparently she feels the Jewish vote is locked up in the Democrat voting machines. And justs how many Israel supporting Democrats are aware of her very close relationship with Huma Abedin who together with her whole family are deeply entrenched with the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood?
Another in her close knit group of dangerous intimate advisors are father and son, Sid and Max Blumenthal, both with credentials that send shivers up Israel supporters’ spines. Once entrenched in the White House Hillary will call on them for Middle East advice and strategy. Not a pleasant thought for us to dwell on. And neither one for George Stephanopolous to mull over in his columns or on the tube at ABC.
We got a glimpse of the Democrat Party’s lack of patriotism during the opening two days of the convention with the total lack of American flags in the mammoth Philadelphia hall. Rather, we were mortified by the scenes of Palestinian flags proudly taking the place of the Stars and Stripes. Combined with the videos of stomping and burning of Israeli flags by demonstrators, we view the prospects of a Hillary win in November with furrowed brows. Don’t let that happen! And we at the Jewish Voice will continue to keep you informed.as to the dangers to our country and Israel of a Democrat win in November.

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