Friday, August 11, 2017

Simply Because it Can

By Moshe Feiglin

How is it that one million citizens of Israel have a police file?

Is every eighth citizen here a criminal?

The answer is simple.

Every state and governing authority will take liberties for itself at the expense of its citizens, if they will allow it. And in Israel, the citizens allow it.

The police have filed every eighth citizen in Israel as a criminal.

Simply because it can.

In the absence of a culture of liberty, enslavement filters slowly down. It is almost always accompanied by the claim that liberty must be taken from you for your own good, for your security. It will convince you with claims that nothing bad could ever happen to you. After all, you are not a criminal. So why should you be listed as such with the police?

Criminal registration, biometric registration, criminalization of smokers, criminalization of customers of prostitution, administrative detention – there are a plethora of ways. But the goal is plain and simple:

More liberty for the state,
Less liberty for the individual.

More state,
Less individual.

More enslavement,
Less identity.

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